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About Us

We are a family owned, Australian company with a diverse portfolio of brands. We have been involved in the manufacturing of skincare products for the past 25 years.

Here at Freshwater Brands, we pride ourselves on using high quality and ethically sourced ingredients in all of our ranges.  

Our diverse range of products are all manufactured in our state of the art facility on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. 

Our in-house R&D Laboratory allows us the flexibility to develop extensive ranges of unique products. Our formulations team has the collective industry experience of over 100 years!

Our Brands

The Camel Skincare Co

freshwater laboratories 

Freshwater Laboratories is an everyday luxury range inspired by the Australian landscape.  We only use natural ingredients in our products ranging range from beautiful essential oil blends, to Australian Clays, and even Organic Coffee! This range has a selection of French triple milled body bars and washes – all are vegan. 

Beach Rd. Naturals

Beach Road Naturals

Beach Road Naturals is a palm oil free boutique bath and body company focused on creating unique products with carefully selected active ingredients.

Inspired by a love for the ocean and travel, our products are designed to enhance the look and feel of your skin. It is no secret in today’s busy world that your daily bath or shower routine can be the only opportunity to truly relax the mind and body. We encourage you to indulge your senses for a bit of ‘you time’ with our range of luxury products.

We have a strong emphasis on Australian, organic and sustainable ingredients, and we only use high quality oils, most of which are sourced directly from Australian Farmers.

Natural Australian Triple Milled Soap

Natural Australian Triple Milled Soap

Natural Australian Triple Milled Soap was created as we believed there was a gap in the market for quality French triple milled soaps. Our soaps are made with only the highest quality ingredients. Each soap is blended with Australian Almond Oil, Vitamin E and Shea Butter to create a creamy lather which gently cleanses and moisturisers the skin. There is something for everyone in this range! Choose from Lemon Myrtle Oil & Leaf, Kakadu Plum & Pink Lily, Activated Charcoal, Lemon Scented Tea Tree Oil and more!

The Camel Skincare Co

The Camel Skincare Co

Our products are made with Australian camel milk and other natural, sustainable ingredients. Our products are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive. We source our milk from happy camels on the east coast of Australia. We carefully blend this camel milk with natural essential oils to create nourishing French triple milled soap bars.

We currently offer five Australian camel milk soap variants and a range of Hand & Body Washes and moisturiser. Each product has been carefully formulated to maximise the benefits to your skin! All of our soaps are French triple milled with Organic Australian Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Shea Butter & Vitamin E.

Snowy Mountain Goat Soap

Snowy Mountain Goat Soap

Australia’s Snowy Mountains have inspired many an Australian story, and the Snowy Mountain Goat is one of those classics.

Our founder, an intrepid ‘Aussie Bushy’ with a love for the Australian landscape has always been on the search to discover Australia’s most natural and pure environments and eco-systems. It was on his first holiday with his new wife back in the 70’s that he discovered the natural paradise of the Australian Snowy Mountains. Combining his engineering background with his studies in horticulture he spent many years focusing on creating this range of goat’s milk skincare products. 

We believe that Australian goat’s milk provides the finest moisturisers with excellent emollient properties. This will help relieve your skin from dryness, itchiness or irritations exacerbated by using ordinary skincare products. Goat’s milk is truly a wonderful ingredient for even the most sensitive skin. 

Contact Us

OFFICE: Unit 3, 13 Jubilee Street, Warriewood, NSW 2102

POSTAL, RECEIVAL & DISPATCH:  Unit 5, 2 Apollo Street, Warriewood, NSW 2012

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